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Operating OZ2AR/P on 40m in Region1 HF FD 2013

My new VHF (and HF!) Mast:

My name is Peter Frenning

My QTH is JO65AN, Viby Sj. 50 Km (30 Mi) SW of Copenhagen, Denmark

I now use Ubuntu Linux as my primary computing platform 
My Linux Workstation


"Life is too short for QRP"

Except if you're WSPRing!

More about WSPR; K3UK, Andy's unoffcial WSPR Guide  and/or G0KYA's presentation

and on the Spots pages  you can see what's going on!

Top antenna at 16m AGL when fully extended, can be telescoped down to 12.5m and folded down for maintenance work.  Full story with pictures here!

MFJ-1775 Multiband Dipole on top (See review here, my experience so far closely parallel Phil's), I have mounted it as a 4-band HF-dipole only, omitting the 2- and 6-meter option! See Close-Up Picture!

17 ele. M2 5WL 14.7dBd for 144MHz in the middle, with PA3BIY ATF54143 LNA.

4 ele. HomeBrew long yagi for 50MHz


=>  =>  =>  => Finally finally finally this project has been completed!

And torn down by the October 28th 2013 hurricane over southern OZ (gusts to 54m/s were recorded in vicinity).

The picture below was shot 15min after a particular heavy gust:

So for now I' running a random wire antenna at low height only ;-(

I'm QRV on all bands from (160) 80 m to 2m, and look forward to a QSO with you. If you can't reach me via radio, you can always send me an email at:




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