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14-03-2007: antenna farm now consist of: 4.5m Boom 4 ele. beam for 50MHz; 10m Boom M2 2M5WL for 144MHz, and 4m Boom Triax 22 ele. for for 432MHz.

This was the first setup with 2 stacked 13 ele. 3.6WL Homebrew yagis for 144MHz, and 4 ele. 50MHz yagi

Mast folded over for maintainance work

Close-up of top-tube with rotor, LNA and antennas

Hinge arrangement

Struts and guy wires supporting upper part of tower

Support bracket for top-tube

144MHz LNA Box with Voltage doubler for relay voltage

Supporting "tower"

Fold-over winch


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Last modified 15.03.2007, Peter Frenning