FT-847 AGC-Off Mod 

Thanks to careful circuit analysis performed by Jarl, OZ9MO, I have just succeded in implementing a quick AGC-On/Off switch in the FT-847. The mod is simple: the basis of Q1079 on the AF-CNTL board is grounded through a 56Ohm resistor. This is done with a miniature switch mounted at the left side of the chassis near the front.

A 56 OHM resistor soldered to basis of Q1079 and a Through-hole between it and C1214 located near the CW-IF-Filter position.

Using a solder lug a length of thin Coax is attached to Ground and the resistor.


The Coax is routed to the small switch mounted in the chassis.

Actuator filed down so that it only protudes about 1mm from the cover - the radio can still stand on it's side feet without the switch being touched.



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Last modified 04.10.2008, Peter Frenning